Joep Pelt: Guitar Globetrotter

Joep Pelt is a real ‘guitar globetrotter’. Musically raised on the muddy banks of the Mississippi and Niger by artists like R.L. Burnside and Ali Farka Touré Joep regularly travels around the world in search of new musical ingredients. Over the years, Joep has initiated numerous musical collaborations with artists from a wide array of genres. Joep’s eclectic guitar playing invariably serves as a lubricant between different musical worlds.

Joep’s musical career is characterised by an outspoken musical versatility. For example, Joep recently started the Ethiopian/Eritrean group Entoto Band, whose debut album will be released in 2023, combined with a club and festival tour. In addition, Joep plays acoustic solo concerts and two different musical solo theater programs. “Folk Revolution!” deals with the lasting impact of Alan Lomax’s field recordings, “From Mali to Mississippi” tells the definitive story of the blues. Joep’s personal stories about his worldwide musical adventures form the common thread for both programs.

Joep has released six albums under his own name, played at the North Sea Jazz Festival five times and performed at numerous renowned venues and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Joep also has long-term collaborations with various South African artists for his project Soweto Soul, of which a self-produced documentary is regularly shown on the Dutch channel NPO2 Extra. Joep also played several European tours with the Soweto Soul live band. Joep previously worked for years with Malian guitar legend Lobi Traoré, with whom he recorded the album “I Yougoba!” and toured the Netherlands, Africa and the US. In Limburg (a Southern province of The Netherlands), Joep produced and played a documentary for L1 and a series of sold-out theater concerts with the legendary dialect group Carboon, who sang about Limburg’s mining history. Joep regularly combines his music projects with documentaries for radio or TV, musical lectures and workshops.

Joep’s adventurous soul and insatiable musical appetite make him one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands. Whether it concerns solo concerts with intimate acoustic songs or exuberant dance music with his swinging band, no two performances by Joep are the same. Let yourself be carried away to the twilight zone between different musical worlds by this ‘guitar globetrotter’. There is a world to explore!


The Lomax Sessions (2020)

On “The Lomax Sessions” Joep plays his own versions of well-known and lesser-known field recordings by folklorist and musical collector Alan Lomax. All songs on this album are part of Joep’s solo theater show “Folk Revolution!”. With beautiful artwork by Simone Pelt!


Soweto Soul (2017)

Tribute to the musical soul of the South African townships, with features by artists like Black Moses Ngwenya (Soul Brothers), pennywhistle pioneer Lemmy ‘Special Mabaso’, Joseph Makwela (Makgona Tsohle Band) Gigi Lamayne and Penny Penny.

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Show me the way (2014)

Much acclaimed solo album by Joep, in which he returns to deltablues. Co-produced by A.R.T. ( Typhoon).

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Stolen Serenades (2010)

Cover project with Joep’s own ‘African Blues’ renditions of famous hits and hidden gems.


I’m Off! (2009)

Experimental solo album in which many styles are combined.


I Yougoba! (2008)

Collaboration with Malian guitarist/vocalist Lobi Traoré, the Bambara-bluesman. This album was recorded in Bamako, Mali. The project would eventually tour through The Netherlands (e.g. North Sea, Oerol, Mundial) and the US (SXSW, New York, Chicago).


It Is What It Is (2006)

Acoustic solo project with various musical guests. Recorded at a law firm behind the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.


Stick It In (2004)

Acclaimed debutalbum of Joep’s powertrio “Pelt”, with Arthur ten Cate on bassguitar and Randell Sambo on drums.