carboon-ovatieStanding ovation in the Parkstad Limburg Theater in Heerlen

Carboon “Witste Nog Koempel”

“Witste nog Koempel” of the Dutch group Carboon is one of the greatest undiscovered jewels of Dutch pop music. The album was released in 1976, when the mines of Limburg, the most southern province of The Netherlands, were closed. More than 90.000 people lost their jobs in the mining region, that saw it’s previous exponential economic growth come to a standstill. Through their album “Witste nog Koempel” Carboon gave a voice to all those miners who lost their jobs and whose families were effected by the closure. Within two months after its release “Witste nog Koempel” reached a golden status with over 50,000 copies sold. Outside the province of Limburg however, the album remained generally unknown.
With parents coming from Limburg, Joep grew up listening to the music of Carboon. Dancing on his father’s arm as a toddler, while listening to “Witste nog Koempel” is one of Joep’s earliest childhood memories. It therefore was Joep’s long-cherished dream to integrally play “Witste nog Koempel” onstage together with Carboon. After getting an enthusiastic response from the original members of Carboon, Joep’s dream suddenly materialised.
The response of the audience in Limburg to Joep’s initiative was overwhelming. All scheduled concerts in the theatres of Heerlen and Sittard Geleen were sold out in no time, which illustrates how deep the music of Carboon is etched in the collective memory of the mining region. For 2016 several reprise concerts were organized in Parkstad Theater Heerlen.

carboon_docuIn addition to the nine sold theatre concerten Joep produced the “Carboon Doeës” a limited edition reissue of Carboon’s first two ‘miner albums’ in bound book form with the story of Carboon and all song lyrics, a DVD with a concert registration and a DVD with the documentary “Witste nog Carboon” that made Joep with filmmaker Paul Versteegen. In this documentary Joep looks for the story behind the success of Carboon during his preparation for the concerts while he learns more about his own roots in Limburg.
The story of Carboon is far from over. This fall two more concerts are planned in Parkstad Theater Heerlen.



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