Ethiolektro crowdfunding on hold until February 2019!

After giving it long and careful thought, I decided to temporarily stop the crowdfunding campaign for my ‘Ethiolektro’ music project in Ethiopia and resume it in February 2019. In the video below I explain why (in Dutch).

This decision is based on a personal loss. Last September, shortly before my first research trip to Ethiopia and rather unsuspected, my mother passed away. All the paperwork involved with her passing and organising the funeral disrupted my preparations and delayed my trip for several weeks. Because it was better for the progress of the project and because my mother had pressed me to go to Ethiopia even on the day of her death, I went to Addis Ababa. 

After a number of very inspiring and productive weeks in Addis Ababa, I started the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Ethiolektro’. However, due to time pressure some errors of judgment on my part were made. Due to all delay, my crowdfunding campaign ended up taking place in the middle of the festive season, the ‘expensive December month’. In addition, I also set the target amount of my crowdfunding campaign too high, which could not be adjusted later. 

Despite the fact that within two weeks more than seventy donors have already contributed to my project, I have come to the conclusion that reaching the target amount is not realistic under the current circumstances. The stress that this brought along was a bit more than I could take at this moment, when I really would like to take a few weeks off to make space for the recent loss of my mother. 

Therefore, in February 2019 I will start a new crowdfunding campaign for ‘Ethiolektro’. In the meantime, all sponsors who already made a contribution via the Voordekunst crowdfunding platform will have their donation refunded to their bank account. 

In February there will be a new opportunity to contribute to my musical project in Ethiopia. I will make sure to check in with you around that time. 

For the sake of clarity: the music project in Ethiopia is going to happen! I feel greatly encouraged by all the heart-warming reactions and the fact that so many of you have already supported my project in any way. 

Looking forward to sharing my musical adventures with you in the new year.