Carboon concert on L1 Television

One of my most precious musical memories! Today L1 will broadcast one of one of the concerts I played / produced with the legendary Limburgian dialect group Carboon in the Parkstad Limburg Theatre!

Outside the Dutch mining region, Carboon is generally unknown, while they were the first to make an LP that was completely in the dialect and became a golden record in 1974. Carboon sang about the suffering of the miners (the ‘koempels’) after the closing of the mines in Limburg and looked at the mining history both nostalgically and critically.

If you don’t know anything about Holland’s mining past or have never heard of Carboon, I highly recommend you watch this beautiful concert recording or the beautiful documentary “Wist Carboon …” that I made together with Paul Versteegento be broadcasted by L1 this upcoming weekend. Both the concert and documentary are in Dutch and Limburgian dialect and have no subtitels.

For me it was a dream come true. As a child my father danced with me on his arm across the room to the music of Carboon while I listened to the warm sounds of the pedal steel guitar. Now I was allowed to play it myself at the concert series of Carboon, where we sold out the theater no less than 14 times. When I see these images I still get goosebumps ..

Via the link below you can watch both the concert and the documentary: